Claims Information

How to report a claim on your insurance.

You can count on us to be here.

We at Wright-Gardner pride ourselves in handling claims promptly.  However, for immediate service it may be to your advantage to contact your insurance carrier directly.  Your company name can be found on your insurance ID card or policy.

Wright-Gardner 24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 800-653-1236

Third Party Service Companies

The phone numbers are provided for your information.  Please note that you must report your claim to the insurance company for their determination of coverage.  The following companies charge fees, and if coverage has not been determined, you may be responsible for charges incurred.  These companies are not endorsed or guaranteed by Wright-Gardner, and this listing does not constitute a warranty or guarantee.

Glass Shops Contact
Classic Upholstery & Glass Co. 800-310-9792 or 301-790-2477
Diamond Auto Glass 800-234-4527
Safelite & Cindy Rowe Auto Glass 800-692-7301 or 800-0882-4639
Service Companies Contact
Duraclean by Fritts 304-725-9654
First General Services of Pen-Mar 800-658-0084 or 717-762-0550
Frederick Fire & Flood 301-620-7500
Lookin-Nu 800-403-2121
Master Dry 304-274-6868
Paul Davis Systems 301-948-8008
Servpro of Washington County, Inc. 301-797-0677
Spectrum 301-662-8200
Independent Adjusters Contact
Crawford Company 301-790-1720
J.E.J. Incorporated 800-686-0310

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